In 2001 I was one of millions who bought a ticket to see and follow the journey of The Lord Of The Rings. Peter Jackson did an outstanding job of getting all the pieces together, and making sure to get all the details right. Without knowing Peter Jackson I know he worked hard to get the movies as visually amazing as possible. The team of artists were simply amazing, and managed to create worlds of magic and stunning creatures, which I am very sure would have made J.R.R. Tolkien very proud.

Many years after, this world still lives in me, and I am still inspired by the hard work and crazy fantasies they all went through in the years of making the movies, and of course not to forget J.R.R. Tolkien for creating a fantastic book.
Thanks to the movies for creating that final spark, which became my own journey of creations.

Some of the photos you see here, is a photo combination of a handmade model of the character(s), which can be purchased at many hobby stores, and an original photo of a landscape.
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