As much as we would like to support you, we have to stay loyal to what we do, therefore we have put together our Terms of Use to secure the pieces of art on this website and through our social media channel. Please navigate through the sections, to fully understand our legal terms. We thank you for respecting this.

The art pieces on these pages are intended for inspirational purpose only, and may not be shared through articles, prints, or education without authorization from Darren Wilden Fantasy Art, or a purchased legal license.
All materials are copyrighted by Darren Wilden Fantasy Art, and will be treated as such.
Social media sharing.
You are free to share the content we provide on our Facebook page only by using the share button provided at each post. You may NOT download and save the images provided through our social media channels to any device, for the purpose of distributing them through other networks, including social media. Should you want to share the art pieces from our social media channel, please view the last section "Promoting the Artist". 
Use of website.
You may NOT download, print, save, and edit any content from this website on any devices to share on your website. Should you want to share the art pieces from this website, please view the last section Promoting the Artist. You are free to link to the website, should you want to share the content with your audience.  If you are a publishing agency, please go to the last section "Promoting the artist".
You may NOT under any circumstances edit the original pieces. Any editing of the pieces of art found on this website, print partners, and our social media channel is a clear violation of our copyright. The original must always remain unedited with a clear view of Darren Wilden as the creator and copyright holder.

Business and profits.
You many NOT use these pieces of art to promote products, education materials, or any personal business. A contract is required for this purpose. Should you have an interest in using these photos to gain profits, you are required to contact us using the contact page. Make sure to include all details on how you wish to use these pieces of art. Also it is required that you include your country and company name along with all contact details.

Online publishing.
You may NOT copy the content on these pages to share on any social media or web pages. You are free to share the pages made available on this website, so there is no doubt who the artist is. Are you eg. an online publishing magazine who wants to share the story of the artist, please look at the section "Promoting the artist".

We offer the option for prints and have chosen partners who will handle any order process and print materials. In case of a claim please make sure to address this to the company on your invoice. We do not handle claims or money-back-guarantees on behalf of our print publishers.
You may NOT under any circumstances print any materials without using our appointed print publishers. Only partners are allowed to print materials on behalf of Darren Wilden Fantasy Art.
Are you interested in such a partnership, please contact us through the contact page, and make sure to include your company name, country and all your contact details.
Bundle products.
You may NOT included any of these pieces of art in any products. A contract is required for this purpose.

Promoting the artist.
Should you want to include one of more of these art pieces in books, articles, blogs, social media, to help promote the work of the artist and to bring more exposure to your publishing, you should have a full authorization from Darren Wilden Fantasy Art. Please provide in details what you would like to include in your publishing and any additional content you are seeking. Use the contact page on this website and make sure to provide your company name, country and all contact details.

Should you have further legal inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us. Before contacting us make sure to provide us with as much detail as possible to ensure a fast process to your questions.

Any violation of these copyrights will be prosecuted to the maximum extend possible.
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