The photos on these pages are intended for inspirational purpose only, and may not be shared through articles, prints, or education without authorization from the copyright holder Darren Wilden. 

Business and profits.
You many NOT use these photos to promote products, education materials, or any personal business. Should you have an interest in using these photos to gain profits, a royalty fee will be charged from the copyright holder Darren Wilden. 

Online publishing.
You may NOT copy the content on these pages to share on any social media or web pages. You can share pages on this site, so there is no doubt who the artist is, or follow the artist on fb and share the materials from that page. You are also free to link to this page. Are you trying to promote the artist, please look at the section Promoting the artist.

All the photos are available in a High Resolution format, and can be made available for prints at the cost of the prints and artist fee. If you intend to use the prints for labeling products, a royalty fee will be charged.

Promoting the artist.
Should you want to include one of more of these photos in books or articles, to help promote the work of the artist, you should have a full authorization from the copyright holder Darren Wilden. 

For further details, make sure to contact Darren Wilden. Before contacting make sure to provide in detail how and where you intend to use the photos and your company name. For royalty fees you must provide all the details so a rightful agreement can be made.

Any violation of these copyrights will be prosecuted to the maximum extend possible.
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