As much as we would like to support you, we have to stay loyal and professional to what we do to ensure that everyone is treated fair and equally, and new pieces of art can be created for everyone to experience. Therefore we have put together our FAQ to answer some of the most frequent questions we receive through our email and social media channel. 

Please respect that all images provided are under copyright by Darren Wilden Fantasy Art.

Do you provide tutorials?
No. But we do encourage those who are interested in becoming an artist to search on YouTube or other social media channels for inspiration and techniques.
Will you edit my photos?
Can I edit your photos?
No. It is a clear violation of the Darren Wilden Fantasy Art copyright (also see our Terms of Use). If you are the owner of a license for using one or more pieces of art for your prints, merchandising, advertisement - an editing option has been granted. This option does NOT include our regular license. If you are in doubt of which license you have, make sure to contact us.  If you can have purchased a website / blog license your editing is limited to cropping only.
Do you offer free licenses?
No. As much as we would like to provide everyone with free services, we cannot run a professional art studio this way. These pieces of art are made with a professional approach to both the artistic view and further technical processing (manufacturing, print production, TV production, magazines, digital marketing, and advertising). Fan art have been made available as prints starting at very low prices, so everyone can enjoy these worlds in every room of the home. 

Can I bargain a price for a print or license?
No. We have done everything possible to make all these options available for fans and followers, so all prices are final. FineArtAmerica are paid for every print, materials and handling of orders, so most of your spending goes to them. Our website, blog and social licenses are very low already, to ensure everyone can make good use of it for their marketing purposes. 
How much time do you use to create a new art piece?
About 2-3 days. Ideas, taking the photos, drawing, 3D modelling, and painting the details to ensure the best experience takes time, so a lot of energy is put into these creations to ensure that fans and followers will have an enchanting journey into these fantasy worlds.

How do you create your pieces of art?
Imagination plays the biggest role, but I usually take a lot of photos on my journeys, and stock them for later use. If I do not have what I need in my stock of over 5000 photos, I either model it in 3D or digitally draw and paint it.
Do you have a background with art?
I have worked as a designer in my early years for LEGO, and my world of creating art just took off from there. As a kid I used to sketch draw all the time, so being creative is a big part of who I am.

Who are your fans and followers?
I am very fortunate to have a wide variety of people from around the world following the social media page. Some of the people are Game producers, Movie producers, Writers, Photographers, Passionate art fans, and fans who enjoy following the worlds I create. Hopefully the work I do will also make you want to join Darren Wilden Fantasy Art on facebook. I hope to see you there.

How often do you post a new piece of art?
Quite often, however, I can be busy working on other projects at times. But I always try my best to give fans new worlds to escape into on a regular basis. Many fans are very loyal to me and I want to stay loyal to them as much as I possibly can.
Can I use one of your images on my page, my blog, my website?
Yes, but you have to have a legal license to do so. You can choose between several license options you want to buy from.
Where do you sell images, prints, and licenses?

Social Policy: Can I use your photos on my social media page or as a desktop wall paper?
If you want share an image with your friends and followers, please use the share button available on Facebook, do NOT download and share. You are free to use an art piece as a desktop wall paper on your computer or mobile phone, as long as the image remains unedited and you do NOT distribute the work through other networks, including social media. 
In our Terms of Use we do not provide the legal right for you to save any content from our website or social media channels onto any device, for the sole purpose of distributing it through other networks, including social media. This is simply to protect the work provided through Darren Wilden Fantasy Art. If you have a request to distribute these pieces of art through other networks you are required to contact us

Social Policy: I have been banned from the facebook page?
Either you have been
1. Editing or distributing copyright content from Darren Wilden Fantasy Art without the proper license or authorization
2. Falsely promoting yourself as the artist
3. Posted comments inappropriate for our followers
4. Continually spammed posts (you were given a warning with the first post, and your comment was removed) 

Sorry your ban is permanent. You have also been contacted concerning this/these issues, or will be for 1. and 2. We take every precaution necessary to protect these unique pieces of art and to ensure that all followers will have an enchanting experience when viewing work provided by Darren Wilden Fantasy Art. 
We urge everyone to follow these fair and simple rules - don't steal, don't edit, and treat everyone at our community pages with respect. 
Where do I find the prices?
When looking at an image on FineArtAmerica, you will find the price setup there. The prices are including their commission. To view an example, please check the following link. You need to have a free membership at FineArtAmerica to purchase.

We are running a profit company and would like to use some of your work in our product material?
A commercial license can also be obtained at fineartamerica, for batch production and manufaturing.
Will you partner with my website?
We are very professional with who we partner with and we expect the same level of professionalism in return. We run our site and social media channel very professionally, to ensure that followers and visitors gets the best experience as possible. All the pieces of art, followers and website has come out of one thing only - hard work.

Do you do product placement?
You are free to contact us if you want to advertise a product to our audience through an art piece created by Darren Wilden. Please use the contact page and describe in details the product you would like to advertise. Also make sure to include your company name, and all of your contact details.

Can I sponsor a product to advertise through your website and page?
Sure, feel free to contact us using the contact page. Please make sure to include the product you would like to sponsor, your company name, and all your contact details. We will make the product available for fans and followers to win (note, not all products are eligible for our audience). 

We are a company who would like to publish some of your work, what are your requirements?
We are always open to talk about publishing, required that all legal matters are fulfilled (also make sure to visit our Terms of Use page). Feel free to contact us.

We are running a none-profit organization, will you be willing to sponsor some of your work?
Darren Wilden Fantasy Art has supported many things such as communities, educational classes, and charities. We believe in the rights to be educated, and along with that we are a very passionate about global human rights.  Feel free to contact us about your none-profit organization and your purpose.
I experience that the response rate is very long on social media. Why is that?
As much as we would like to monitor and be a part of our social media channel, we are not able to fully socialize as new art pieces needs to be created.
Where are you located?
I would like to share some of the content from your website?
Please refer to our Terms of Use page for the full legal information. 

I didn't find my answer in the FAQ?
Don't worry, send us your question through our contact page and we will do our very best to answer it.

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