Here we will try to answer some of the most frequent questions we receive through our email and social media channel.

Do you provide tutorials?
No. But we do urge those who are interested in becoming an artist to search on YouTube or other social media channels for inspiration and techniques.
Will you edit my photos?
Can I edit your photos?
No. It is a clear violation of our copyright.
I experience that the response rate is very long on social media. Why is that?
As much as we would like to monitor and be a part of our social media channel, we are not able to fully socialize as new art pieces need to be created.
Can I buy your photos?
These are copyright materials and are not typically up for sale. 
Can I use your photos on my social media page or as a desktop wall paper?
In our terms of use we do not provide the legal right for you to save any content from our website or social media channels onto any device. This is simply to protect the work provided through Art Photography by Darren Wilden.
Will you partner with my website?
We are very professional with who we partner with and we expect the same level of professionalism in return.
Where are you located?
I think I saw some of your work on another website?
Should you encounter any of the work provided on this website on a third party website, we would appreciate you letting us know. Full discretion is naturally provided, meaning that you will not be involved in any legal issues. 
I would like to share some of the content from your website?
Please refer to our Terms of Use page for the full legal information. 

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